Location Based Services lie in our company’s DNA

ROADvertising began its journey into Location Based Services more than five years ago by bringing to the market a new and innovative advertising channel: the Digital Map for GPS navigation devices and mobile mapping applications. 

We came in the storefront of other classical media channels in this part of Europe by exposing a strong and unique media channel which also has an unique audience. 

The first Location Based Service of our portfolio was Direct Access™ which has been launched in 2008. The service was initially developed by NAVTEQ®, the most experienced and well-known map developer worldwide based in Chicago and founded in 1985.

NAVTEQ has been reshaped as Nokia Location&Commerce Unit in 2011, after it was bought by Nokia Corporation in 2008, and as HERE Maps in 2013. The service we first brought to C&EE stays now at the base of HERE Maps’ premium POI inclusion service.

After more than five years of market leadership in Central & Eastern Europe and helping clients from various industries to accurately integrate and update their locations information in the NAVTEQ Maps, ROADvertising launched an unique all-in-one package which comprises inclusion and updates from one source to three digital maps: HERE Maps, TomTom Maps and Google Maps.