Listing your business on the digital maps has never been so easy

In the digital maps ecosystem we call it a POI, or a Point of Interest.

You may also call it a location or a place, there’s no difference.

ROADvertising helps you list your business on the digital maps, whether your customers use a mobile application for navigation like iGO MyWay, a web mapping service for guidance like Google Maps, a Personal Navigation Device like Garmin or TomTom or an in-dash navigation unit in a BMW or Toyota vehicle.

Nevertheless, the most important aspect is to BE on maps and secondly to be placed accurately and offer relevant POI information.

It’s a must to be findable when a customer intends to come through the doors of your store, restaurant, hotel, you name it, to buy your products or services.


How we list your business on digital maps

Through the partnerships we have with Tier 1 and Tier 2 map developers, we directly integrate and keep up-to-date your business’ location information in the most important map services and web & mobile mapping solutions to date:

HERE Maps tomtom_540_crop Google Maps

* HERE Maps was formerly known as NAVTEQ and Nokia Location&Commerce 

The annual subscription fee for the POI inclusion and update service covers at least two phone calls and/or emails to assure ourselves that your POI information is up to date in the map services and mapping solutions. You can also send us updated information for your locations any time you need.


How to get started

You can submit an Order Form (not subject to any contractual commitment), call us or send us a quick inquiry through the Contact form and then we’ll reach back you to customize the service according to your business needs.

After we agree on the offer, your business location information is processed and prepared for the most closed map updates of HERE Maps, TomTom and Google Maps.

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