Being listed in the digital maps means being there for your customers

Official researches prove that 70% of the digital maps users search for a Point of Interes/place/location at least 2 times per week, no matter the devices and service they’re using. From this share an actual 1 of 3 users will navigate to the location they’ve searched for.

Just imagine that not having your business listed on the digital maps means not being there for your customers!

Second to having your business listed on the digital maps is the information you are providing them. We know and you know that an address and a phone number are not always enough in today’s digital natives world.

Moreover, we administer and update your Points of Interest data in map services and mapping solutions whenever you need to.

We collect from you and publish in the digital maps information like:

  • Company name
  • Brand name
  • Street address
  • Postal code
  • City and area
  • Country
  • Phone numbers
  • Fax numbers
  • Email address
  • Website address
  • Business ID
  • Company industry
  • Specific industry
  • Company or service description
  • Opening hours
  • Products and services
  • Photos and other images
  • Company logo
  • Company size
  • Key words (e.g.: “hotel”, “asian food”)



See here four good reasons why to join now

We keep it simple
By providing an all-in-one solution, a one-to-many service package, ROADvertising keeps your time, efforts and resources at minimum. All you need is to submit an Order Form, agree with us upon the offer and then provide us a filled-in spreadsheet template through which we collect your basic location(s) information plus rich content like opening hours, photos or website. From there on it is our job to list your business, make it visible and update its information in HERE Maps, TomTom Maps and Google Maps.
The consumer trend
The consumers naturally expect to find any Point of Interest placed accurately and listed with valuable information, whenever they need to, on multiple devices and applications. The map services and mapping solutions market has grown to a level where they are used as day-by-day tools which make each one’s life easier and more practical. If six or seven years ago a GPS device or an in-dash navigation unit was a high-tech gadget, nowadays it’s just normal. So, don’t you think it’s also normal to list your business in the digital maps?
The proven experience
Since 2008 we help major multinational companies, small or medium business and even public organisations in Europe to place and keep their Points of Interest data updated in the digital maps. Our clients portfolio proves the experience and the dedication we have for our job. From McDonald’s restaurants in Poland to Danubius Hotels in Hungary or Importanne Resorts in Croatia, ROADvertising is one trustworthy partner which makes your business reach each consumer’s GPS device, mobile nav app or in-dash unit. 
It is cost effective
Being an all-in-one solution, our service provides one of the best price per quality ratios. In a few words: it costs less than €0.5 per day to list 1 business location in the most widely spread map services and mapping solutions out on the market today. There’s also the rich content which is collected and published for each Point of Interest and the flexibility we apply for each client: the more business locations you list, the less you pay per each location. Contact us and we’ll make you an offer which suits your needs!



















> If you want to find our more about our digital mapping partners, HERE Maps, TomTom and Google Maps, please check the Maps page.